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Annûtawar (sometimes called the West Country) is almost entirely forested; the boundaries of the country correspond to the boundaries of the forest, though there are one or two large open areas to be found, and some stretches of the coast also have few trees. The forest stretches from the Dragon’s Teeth in the north, right down …


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Narathion is a monarchy nestled primarily along the river Narith, between Annûtawar and the Backbone. It does spread out a fair way from the river, though, and there are some settlements near the border of Annûtawar and even a few in the foothills of the Backbone that count themselves as part of Narathion. The capital city …

Mazonia and Elyria

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And now for something a little different, from a different setting. This is a setting based on Dungeons and Dragons (mostly 3.5e, a little Pathfinder and Modern), so there won’t be a lot in the way of species descriptions. Instead, there will descriptions of nations, places, planes, and such. The setting is conceived as a D&D …