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The Atlantean Language: Pronouns and other anaphora

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Personal Pronouns Atlantean’s personal pronouns have an ablative case and a reflexive case in addition to the standard set of noun cases. In the 3rd person singular, there are two gender-neutral forms - the “common” gender (shown as m/f in the table) is used for things that have a gender which is unknown, while the neuter …

The Atlantean Language: Nouns

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£éŋωi has a total of seven noun cases: nominative, accusative, dative, genitive, instrumental, comitative, and vocative. Pronouns and some irregular nouns also have an ablative case. Other noun functions beyond those of the seven cases can be obtained using prepositions. Typically, prepositions take an object in the accusative or dative cast, though there are some exceptions, …