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The Fires of Summer's End

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The Shire Harvest Festival, or Fonasanais1 as it’s called in the hobbit tongue, occurs around Yendary 21st, though depending on weather and the harvest it may sometimes be shifted by a few days in either direction. It’s celebrated simultaneously all across the Shire. The festival is essentially a great outdoor feast made from vegetables just harvested …

The Festival of Lights

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Occurring around the beginning of winter, on Frasmary 1st and 2nd, the Festival of Lights is a low-key event usually only carried out by the priesthood of Pharasma in Narathion, Atlartica, and Mazonia, though outsiders are welcome to watch. The festival lasts from sunset on the 1st to sunrise on the 2nd. At sunset, the priesthood …

The Feast of Brann

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And there upon the river bank, young Brann did spot a fleeting flank, a mighty boar that just had drank. So with a yell he drew his prog, and leapt upon the hapless hog, while all the people watched agog. ~ Excerpt from “The Journey of Brann” ~ (Composed by the bard Valentin) Every autumn, on…