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The Aishineh of Venus

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Appearance The aishineh are humanoid. They average a little shorter than humans, at around 140 cm (4.5 ft) when standing fully erect, and their slightly more hunched posture makes the difference even more obvious. They are sufficiently similar to humans to pass as one in a costume. Aishineh sport a pair of curved horns emerging from …

The Musors

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The musors are a strange race from a distant star. The name “musors” is an Earth coinage, as their name for themselves is unpronounceable by humans due to their polyphonic language. (The name for the language itself, commonly written Âö, is coincidentally pronounceable. Correct pronunciation requires that the <â> is a quarter tone higher than the …

The Silessi

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The word silessi, singular siless, means “person” in the chief language of the species (it’s often spelled silȯssı). Their name for themselves as a species is solonoss (plural solonossı), but this never caught on among English speakers. Another term that may sometimes be used to describe them is Shasskheznı, but this is more properly the name …