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The Crystal Orb of Pure Thought

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Description The Crystal Orb of Pure Thought is a large, perfectly smooth orb, 35cm in diameter, that appears to be made of bluish glass or possibly psionic crystal. Deep within the orb, wisps of whiteness swirl along, with an occasional splash of colour. The orb is light as a feather, and if dropped, falls in slow …

The Throne of Suffering

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Description It stands way out in the middle of a vast desert in Acheron, the fourth circle of Hell, towering some twenty-odd metres above the flat sands – a throne carved of dark red stone, rough-hewn yet quite elaborate, a stark contrast against the brightness of the surrounding sands. The throne stands vacant, avoided even by …

The Bowl of the Winds

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Description The Bowl of the Winds is a ceramic bowl containing a tiny scale model of the continent of Tarosir, which shows the current weather patterns across the entire continent. Even the Scandic Wastes, the poorly-charted regions north of the Dragon’s Teeth mountains, are perfectly-depicted in the model. Using the Detect Magic spell on it reveals …