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The Tarosir Primordial Pantheon

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Primordial Pantheon Atuin (The World Turtle) Overdeity ♂ Symbol: A turtleshell (often stylized) Home Plane: Plane of Water Alignment: chaotic neutral Portfolio: Water, earth, wisdom, endurance, turtles Worshippers: Dragon turtles, sailors Cleric Alignments: CN, CE, CG, TN Domains: Community, Creation, Earth, Healing, Knowledge, Luck, Nobility, Travel, Water Favoured Weapon: Scimitar Atuin is a gargantuan dragon turtle …

The Tarosir Main Pantheon

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The pantheon of Tarosir can be divided into three main parts: the primordial pantheon, some of whom are now deceased; the main pantheon, worshipped by most humanoids and even quite a few non-humanoids; and a collection of minor deities. This post only covers the main gods. The appearances described here are those normally used when appearing …