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Narathion is a monarchy nestled primarily along the river Narith, between Annûtawar and the Backbone. It does spread out a fair way from the river, though, and there are some settlements near the border of Annûtawar and even a few in the foothills of the Backbone that count themselves as part of Narathion.

The capital city of Narathion is Belhaven, which sits at the confluence of the mighty River Narith, which flows west out of the Backbone, turns south at Belhaven, and then west through the southern reaches of Annûtawar; and the smaller but still significant River Darastrix, flowing south out of the Dragon’s Teeth.

There are a number of castles scattered through Narathion, most of which are owned by one or other of the country’s noble class. Pretty much all of the country consists of open plains, farmland, and rolling hills; any patches of forest are small, often small enough to circle in much less than a day.

Intelligent Races

The country is primarily composed of humans, with rock gnomes making up a significant minority and elves and half-elves also having a noticeable presence. These aren’t evenly distributed, though; the gnomes live primarily in the foothills of the Backbone, in the eastern reaches of the country; while the elven presence is most noticeable in the west.

Belhaven is the only place in Narathion to regularly see adventurers. A dwarf, halfling, or xeph is less of an odd sight in Belhaven than it is in the rest of the country.

Some kinds of gremlins (jinkins, nuglubs, and vexgits) live in the cities of Narathion, as do gargoyles.


Narathion is a kingdom, or monarchy. It is ruled by a king or queen who passes their title on to their eldest child when they die. Of the king and queen, one is considered the official monarch (the one who succeeded to the throne by right of lineage), while the other is merely a consort; though the consort still has the title of king or queen, they are not permitted to hold the throne on their own. If the monarch dies, the consort is officially demoted (becoming a prince or princess) and the heir succeeds to the throne as the new monarch. If the consort dies, the monarch remains on the throne and may, if they wish, select a new consort.

There is a council of fifty members which runs the most of the day-to-day business of the kingdom. The council is appointed by the monarchs. Generally, once you’re on the council, you get to stay on the council until you die or resign. Rarely, a monarch may eject a member from the council, generally due to crimes against the crown (high treason or similar).

The nobles have a degree of autonomy on their own lands. They are subject to the crown, and certain laws (such as the banning of slavery) are instituted across the kingdom, but a noble is free to define their own local laws as they see fit.


The wildlife of Narathion is surprisingly normal compared to its neighbours; it includes elk, wild swine, wild cats, wild dogs, and dire rats. Hawks, owls, and ravens are also common, as are rabbits, hedgehogs, pigeons, and other small animals. There aren’t a lot of supernatural creatures in Narathion for some reason. The only magical beast you’re likely to encounter in the wilds of Narathion are blink dogs.

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