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This folder contains notes taken on the Draconic language for D&D 3e, based on an article in Dragon Magazine (Issue 284, page 38) and the online translator based on vocabulary from that article, other official sources, and user contributions. The Iokharic script included in this folder was supposedly commissioned by Wizards of the Coast.
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[TXT]dragon-mag-vocab.txt2021-03-02 02:40 2.0KAll the vocabulary given in the original Dragon Magazine article.
[TXT]extra-vocab.txt2021-03-02 02:40 1.5KAdditional vocabulary that I have used (either made-up or obtained from the online translator). This may no longer be maintained from May 2015 onwards.
[TXT]misc-official-vocab.txt2021-03-02 02:40 746 Some additional vocabulary which is, according to the online translator, from D&D sources.
[IMG]Iokharic.png2021-03-02 02:40 53K 
[TXT]grammar.html2021-03-02 02:40 20KSummary of grammar and phonology as a supplement to the Lexicon; may be less up-to-date than the text files.
[TXT]numbers.txt2021-03-02 02:40 454  
[   ]iokharic.js2021-03-02 02:40 6.4K 
[DIR]Lexicon/2021-03-02 02:40 - A lookup dictionary generated from Lexique Pro.
[TXT]mag-sample-analysis.txt2021-03-02 02:40 8.9KAnalysis of the sample sentences from the Dragon Magazine article.
[TXT]grammar.txt2021-03-02 02:40 4.2K 
[TXT]phonology.txt2021-03-02 02:40 3.6KAnalysis of the possible phonology of Draconic, based on spelling.