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Since has been down for quite some time, I've decided to archive all of the games of James Burton here. These games are all freeware and were not created by me. I've included all versions of the games that I have.

The original Stardust and Bill the Demon were made for classic Mac OS; I believe they work on System 7, and they certainly work on Mac OS 9. Their levels are stored as TEXT resources in the executable's resource fork, so they're quite easy to mod with a resource editor. I think the Windows version of Stardust is similarly moddable, but I haven't figured out how to mod the Flash version of Bill the Demon.

Witches was originally released as shareware — you could only play the first 5 levels unless you paid for the game. However, it was later released as freeware. I've included the shareware version here just for interest and because I happened to find it on my hard drive.

Note that these Windows games do not run under WINE for me (on Mac OS 10.7.x).

Bill the Demon can still be played online at many flash sites. For example, NewsGrounds.

These games are still available in other places, but I like the idea of having them all in one place, particularly the Mac versions which are much harder to find now. There's actually one of his games missing here (Vampire Chess), but I personally don't think it's worth preserving, and I don't even have a copy anyway.
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[   ]BillDemonFlash.zip2021-03-02 02:40 381KThe Flash port of Bill the Demon.
[   ]StardustClassic.zip2021-03-02 02:40 561KThe original classic version of Stardust. Requires Max OS 9 to run (or OSX 10.4 or earlier on a PowerMac).
[   ]BillDemonClassic.zip2021-03-02 02:40 716KThe original classic version of Bill the Demon. Requires Max OS 9 to run (or OSX 10.4 or earlier on a PowerMac).
[   ]StardustWin.zip2021-03-02 02:40 1.0MThe Windows port of Stardust.
[   ]WitchesWin.zip2021-03-02 02:40 2.3MThe freeware version of Witches.
[   ]WitchesShareware.zip2021-03-02 02:40 2.5MThe original shareware version of Witches.
[   ]WitchesMusic.zip2021-03-02 02:40 207MAn archive containing just the Witches music, but rendered to MPEG 4 using FreeMIDI.