This is a remix/cover/translation of Snow Rain from Mahou Shojou Lyrical Nanoha A's. It's an orchestral wind band arrangement done in Finale 2011; the vocals were rendered in UTAU using "Nolia Shirayuki".

Initially I was intending to keep it in Japanese, but I wasn't confident in my ability to render Japanese properly, as UTAU requires you to enter the lyrics phonetically. As such, I had to produce a translation that metrically fit the tune and still made sense. I used three reference translations as a base, and cross-referenced on Google, Wiktionary, and an online Japanese dictionary for lines where the reference translations were confusing, weird, nonsensical, or contradictory. I'm not entirely sure how true the result is to the original, but it seems to make sense to me, so I'm more or less satisfied with it.

I've reproduced the lyrics below. I think I did a fairly good job of rendering the pronunciations for the most part, but what sounds clear to me may not be clear to others (especially others with a different accent).

Finally, I have arrived here,
in that place where we met so fortuitously.

Buried in the fragments of time,
Far away, all the stars disappear.
Then within the long-lasting pain,
All my wishes seem to freeze.

With trembling eyes and a broken heart,
Still you came to find me - I was found by you.

At the edge of a distant world,
There we touched the colour of miracles.
Now we gently touch each other,
Just like the soft white snow.

You and I, we merge together. I can finally be true;
You and I, we merge together. I'll be true to myself.

The melting snow glitters in the night, sparkling and cold,
And the wind that is reborn starts a new journey.
Having bonds that never die or go away,
Is the wish of the pure blessed wind.

Everyone will surely someday start a new journey,
With the sadness and the scars carried upon their backs.
Searching for the answer, till the meeting,
At the end of the longest journey.

The melting snow glitters in the night, gleaming and cold,
And once again the wind starts a new journey.
Going always with a smile, cheery and bright,
We will follow the blessed wind's path.

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