The Wild Hunt

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The Wild Hunt is an event where many fae of all different type band together for a hunt. Exactly what they are hunting is unknown, but during the hunt they ride multiple times around the planet, chasing the moon across the sky as they go, and anyone who gets in their way is either killed or dragged into the mob.

The Hunt usually occurs during every full moon and lasts for about three days. Occasionally, a full moon is inexplicably skipped by the Hunt. Most of the time the Hunt occurs within the Shadow Realm, but sometimes, especially around the end of October, the Wild Hunt will spill out into the true world.

The types of fae that get involved in the Wild Hunt can vary quite a bit, but are typically those with a humanoid form. Another common member of the Wild Hunt are the fairy dogs, which also have a plethora of other names including cu sith, hellhounds, barghests, or inugami.

Unlike the Faerie Host, which consists solely of seelie fae, the Wild Hunt tends to consist of chiefly unseelie fae, though with some seelie mixed in. The most notable seelie fae species to routinely participate in Wild Hunts are the hernes, a humanoid fae with the antlers of a stag.

When the full moon is near, small, weak, or vulnerable fae hide away during the night, even those that are normally nocturnal; for if they were to venture out and the Wild Hunt caught them, they would certainly not survive.

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